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The Chain Of Prophets - 1 ( Student’s Book )

Nebiler Silsilei 1 ( Ders Kitabi )

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The Chain Of Prophets - 1 (Student’s Book)

     This book contains the wisdom and lessons to be learnt from the prophets who are mentioned in the Qur’an and their lives since the first page of the history of prophethood until the last. In it you will find pearls of wisdom which have the ability to illuminate humanity and be a means for understanding the modern person’s convulsions of the spirit and their pain by relating the events that took place in the lives of the prophets and their peoples such as: the prophet Adam to whom the angels were commanded to prostrate to; the prophet Idris who bore the mysterious wonders of the heavens; the prophet Salih of the people of Thamud whose house’s foundations were shaken by the earthquake due to their rebelliousness and wildness; the prophet Ibrahim for whom the fire of Nimrod became a garden of roses for him due to his submission to Allah; the prophet Ismail who was an embodiment of sincerity, loyalty, reliance upon Allah and submission to Him (upon all of whom be peace).

The author: Osman Nuri Topbas

Translator: Özlem Sahin

Redactor: Süleman Derin

Editor: Dr. Faruk Kanger, Lokman Helvaci

Printed by: Erkam Printhouse

Pages: 176

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