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Let Us Learn Islam 10th Class

For Junior High School Maliki Dinimi Ögreniyorum 10. sinif Maliki

Erkam Yayinlari
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Let Us Learn Islam 10th Class

     Our Beloved Prophet –upon him blessings and peace- was the greatest teacher who taught Islam to humankind. He not only taught us the Holy Qur’an, but also personally showed us how to live in accordance with its principles. This book has been prepared for the students of junior secondary level to teach them the Islamic creed, the proper manner of offering acts of worship, and the good manners that a good Muslim should adopt in the light of the life and teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad –upon him blessings and peace. It aims to raise young generations in the best manner and help them to join among the Muslims at whom the Blessed Prophet will smile in the Hereafter.

Prepared by: Ufuk Egitim...

Author: Faruk Salman, Nazif Yilmaz, Dr. Recep Özdirek, Dr. Faruk Kanger

Editor: Dr. Faruk Kanger

Coordinator: Lokman Helvaci

Redactor: Süleyman Derin, Ömer Yalcin

Print by: Erkam PrintHouse

Page: 191

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